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Trippy Tilt Trippy Tilt

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Interesting concept. Had a lot of fun playing it.

Harry Propane Harry Propane

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The atrocious load time, along with the fairly crappy load screen and start menu, made the game uninteresting at first. But once the game started, it became exponentially impressive over time (not linearly, but exponentially).

This game deserves a 5-star rating (on the bet that the load screen and start menu will be improved later).

However, the music is not a good fit at all. It just doesn't belong in this game. It'll be understandable if there's a certain theme behind it, but it would make the game (and the designers) so much more credible, if the music was mean and suspenseful. Hopefully, that was just a test sound file that accidentally made it in the release build.

There's a lot going on already with plenty of sound effects, so the music might not have to be as busy as it is.

Overall, this is a pretty damn mean game. Outstanding controls. Great job.

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Happy Bird Happy Bird

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Graphics are good, but when the crap lays on the target's head, it appears quadrupled in size from when it was airborne (and kind of looks like a hat). This is just with one bird's crap, so, perhaps, the end-size always assumes that all three have successfully dropped a load.

Crap supply is abundant and doesn't feel rewarding to use.

The game is too repetitive. For instance, the distance of the obstacles is the same each time and there's only one target sprite to crap on. And that one target is hopping up and down in place, instead of walking. Obstacles all look the same.

It's definitely a concept, but seems incomplete. With three birds should come three different obstacle dynamics and different ways to earn something for passing the challenge. I found myself dropping two of the three birds and just playing with one. Why keep all three? More points? Well, the point system isn't satisfying enough. And there's no consequence for losing two out of three birds.

So in summary, players have been given the option to play the same game three times at the (approximately) same time. If the challenge ahead was something that required more birds than one, then this would change. But multiple instantiation is all that's happened in this concept. It's just Flappy Bird with a non-essential extra challenge (dropping bird crap). However, it had a good first impression, 'cause it looks good.

Vikings Vikings

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Definitely enjoy the concept and love the Vikings theme. The need to switch between states makes the game challenging.

It would be extremely useful to crouch down and get a small view of what's below. That way, players, who don't know what the level looks like, can potentially get an idea of where to fall or jump. This doesn't suggest that the levels should be designed based on that, 'cause sometimes not being able to get that sort of information is just part of the game and it makes it challenging.

If the levels get any bigger than level 1, then please provide save points or the ability to respawn (perhaps based on earning "lives" or respawn points of some sort). And it's great that the boss fight level doesn't reset back to level 1, when the character dies. That would make for a devastating time.

Another suggestion would be that players should be able to attack anything that's living. This suggestion is sparked mostly from the fact that this game is published on Newgrounds. This is the place where players have always expected total freedom, no matter how harsh or unexpected.

For instance, in Halo, players can shoot and kill their own comrades and allies. Hell, they even start fighting back. And when the player kills aliens (or anything), he/she can go back and shoot/smash their bodies, endlessly. Believe it or not, it adds to the replay value. Maybe the player wants to be a total dick next time (it comes with gaining confidence over the controls). Give us more control over our actions and we're more likely to revisit the Vikings' world.

And for when we do revisit, please let us skip the scene at the beginning. Regardless of how amazing and well-done it is, returning players just want to start the game.

Overall, this is one of the best C3 Jam games so far. Still going through the list. This game deserves 5 stars, because of its current state and the fact that the author(s) will most likely continue building it, especially based on feedback from the community.

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SebbeV responds:

Thank you very much for you feedback and advise for making this game better.
We are very happy that you enjoyed it.


Eletric route Eletric route

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game has earned its "hardgame" tag. It took me a while to pass level 3. Spoiler alert, below at the end -- but not really, given the difficulty level. As the tutorial advises, every millimeter makes a big difference. The grid is a good idea; otherwise, it would've been too difficult.

Taking joy in this game's difficulty is comparable to the times when one craves the spiciest hot sauce available. This makes a good addition to NG.

Easter egg? The space key resets the trial. So when the result is starting to appear too redundant, but you don't want to lose your cursor's position (every millimeter matters), hit the space key instead of the on-screen "RESET" button.

L1: somewhere in between A1 and A2
L2: somewhere around 7A
L3: somewhere in between L30 and K30

Good luck with the rest of the levels.